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October 2020 - we help students and teachers with materials with examples from mathematics, physics, and electro - materials for distance teaching forms due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemics.
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Q1 2021 - we are tired of the year-long lockdown and closed schools. There was plenty of online distance learning. You certainly learned less than at school when you interact with your teacher and classmates.

  • Commission rate
    George sold a house and lot worth Php 2,000,000.00. If the owner gave him Php 110,000.00 as commission, what is the commission rate?
  • Turning machine
    What is the smallest diameter of the cylinder so that a square prism with a side of 40 cm can be turned from it?
  • Reciprocal of mixed number
    Find the reciprocal of 1 2/5.
  • Pies
    Mrs Monica bakes pies. She always cuts each pie into 8 slices. There are 13 slices left on the counter. Write the number of pies on the counter as a mixed number and as an improper fraction.
  • Students
    There are 1100 students at a school. 540 students are girls, the rest are boys. 1/10 of girls are left handed. 1/8 of the boys are left handed. Work out the number of left handed students in the school.
  • Juice division
    534 liters of juice was in a container. If every person gets 14 liter, how many people will get juice from the container?
  • The ratio
    The ratio of the lengths of the two circles is 5: 2. Find the ratio of a a) the radii of these circles b) the areas for these circles

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