Year 2020

The four-digit number divided by 2020 gives a result of 1, **. (Can not be in form 1,*0. ) Write all the options.

Correct result:

n1 =  2323
n2 =  2525
n3 =  2727
n4 =  2929
n5 =  3131
n6 =  3333
n7 =  3535
n8 =  3737
n9 =  3939


n1=2323 d1=n1/2020=2323/2020=2320=1.15n_{1}=2323 \ \\ d_{1}=n_{1}/2020=2323/2020=\dfrac{ 23 }{ 20 }=1.15
n2=2525 d2=n2/2020=2525/2020=54=1.25n_{2}=2525 \ \\ d_{2}=n_{2}/2020=2525/2020=\dfrac{ 5 }{ 4 }=1.25
n3=2727 d3=n3/2020=2727/2020=2720=1.35n_{3}=2727 \ \\ d_{3}=n_{3}/2020=2727/2020=\dfrac{ 27 }{ 20 }=1.35
n4=2929 d4=n4/2020=2929/2020=2920=1.45n_{4}=2929 \ \\ d_{4}=n_{4}/2020=2929/2020=\dfrac{ 29 }{ 20 }=1.45
n5=3131 d5=n5/2020=3131/2020=3120=1.55n_{5}=3131 \ \\ d_{5}=n_{5}/2020=3131/2020=\dfrac{ 31 }{ 20 }=1.55
n6=3333 d6=n6/2020=3333/2020=3320=1.65n_{6}=3333 \ \\ d_{6}=n_{6}/2020=3333/2020=\dfrac{ 33 }{ 20 }=1.65
n7=3535 d7=n7/2020=3535/2020=74=1.75n_{7}=3535 \ \\ d_{7}=n_{7}/2020=3535/2020=\dfrac{ 7 }{ 4 }=1.75
n8=3737 d8=n8/2020=3737/2020=3720=1.85n_{8}=3737 \ \\ d_{8}=n_{8}/2020=3737/2020=\dfrac{ 37 }{ 20 }=1.85
n9=3939 d9=n9/2020=3939/2020=3920=1.95n_{9}=3939 \ \\ d_{9}=n_{9}/2020=3939/2020=\dfrac{ 39 }{ 20 }=1.95

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