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  • Which 8
    numbers Which among the following real numbers below is the least? A. 5/8 B. 0.75 C. 7/10 D. 35/99
  • A discount
    sale A discount clothing store is selling a $72 sport jacket for $24 off the regular price. What is the discount rate?
  • ABS triangle
    square Point S is the center of the square ABCD. The ABS triangle has a content of 9 cm2. What is the circumference of the square in cm?
  • One evening
    chlieb One evening, a restaurant served a total of 1/2 of a loaf of wheat bread and 7/8 of a loaf of white bread. How many loaves were served in all?
  • What is 16
    fractions14 What is the qoutient of 11 over 12 divided by one-third?
  • Malou
    mince Malou spent ₱24.85 for a sandwich and ₱9.20 for juice. How much change did she receive if she gave the vendor ₱100?
  • Lemonade
    water3 During a contest, Karlo drank 1 3/4 liters of lemonade and Ralph drank 1 ½ liters . Who drank more lemonade and by how much?
  • Sharing expenses
    mince There are 21 boys and 24 girls who will equally share the expenses for a bus trip amounting to 1462.50 pesos. How much will each pay?
  • Peter 4
    mince Peter has salary 45,55 pesos per hour in a regular day and 2,5 times of regular rate over time. He worked 8 hours per regulars day and 4 hours of overtime. Find total amount of pay receive.
  • Solve 7
    vedro Solve the Decimal Division Application. Round to the nearest tenth if needed. There is approximately 0.26 gallon in 1 liter. Determine how many liters are in 2,600 gallons.
  • Mangoes trees
    mangoes Draw two sets of trees. The first tree has 2 branches and 8 mango fruits. The second tree has 3 branches and 12 mango fruits. Illustrate and express the ratio and proportion of the given statement.
  • Isosceles triangle
    rr_triangle3 Calculate the height of the isosceles triangle ABC with the base AB, AB = c = 10 cm and the arms a = b = 13 cm long.
  • What is 16
    numbers2 What is the sum of three consecutive even integers such that six more than twice the second is 2/3 of the first increased by 3/2 of the third?
  • At Lina’s
    cinema2 At Lina’s restaurant, one serving of chili is 1 ½ cups. The chef makes 48 cups of chili each night. How many servings of chili are in 48 cups?
  • The Hobson
    fuel The Hobson family is on a road trip and their gas tank is 1/10 full. If they can drive 40 more miles, what fraction of the tank does each mile consume?
  • If you 5
    mixed_fractions If you subtract N from 8 2/5 the difference is 3 4/3. what is N?
  • One fourth
    fractions How many fourths are there in 12?
  • Facemask
    flu Covido is working in a pharmaceutical company and receives a commission of Php 5 for every box of facemask he sells. On the top of the commission, he receives a monthly salary of 12,000. How many mask does he sell?
  • The tailor
    textiles The tailor estimated the rest of the fabric in the package at 11 m. By measuring, he found that he could cut the same pieces of this fabric without a residue in 150 cm or 210 cm increments. How many meters of fabric was in the package?
  • Nicola 2
    game Nicola is playing a video game where each round lasts 7/12 of an hour. She has scheduled 3 3/4 hours to play the game. How many rounds can Nicole play?

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