Multiplication Problems

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  • Roy harvested
    Roy harvested 3/4 crate of guavas. He sold 1/2 of them in the neighborhood. What part of crate of guavas sold.
  • Chiesey
    Chiesey drank ¾ of a 320ml bottle of water. Colley drank ⅔ as much water as Chiesey did. How many ml of water did Colley drink?
  • Rani read
    Rani read 3/8 of a book in a day. What fraction of the book will be read by her in 6 days?
  • One large
    One large pizza is cut into 12 pieces. The pizza has sausage, mushrooms, and cheese on it. Michelle ate 1/6 of the pizza, Natalie ate 1/4 of the pizza, Bridgette ate 1/8 of the pizza, and Brenda ate 1/3 of the pizza. How much of the whole pizza is left, a
  • Which 6
    Which statement is correct about the product of 423 and 78? A. Because 78 is greater than 1, the product of 423 and 78 is greater than 423. B. Because 78 is less than 1, the product of 423 and 78 is greater than 423. C. Because 78 is greater than 1, the p
  • The product 4
    The product of two simple fraction is 12/35. If one of the fractions is 3/7, what is the other one?
  • Sq and cube
    Find the product of the square of (1/2) and the cube of (2/3)
  • 1700 plans
    1700 plans to budget, 2/5 for rent and 1/6 electricity. What on these two items together?
  • A farmer 4
    A farmer needs to plow a 10 acre field. She start plowing 1/8. how many ares does the framer plow?
  • Pigs 3
    Julie fed 10 pigs a week and got paid Php 10.50 for each pig. How much money does she make in one week?
  • What is 11
    What is 2/4 of 2 3/8?
  • Enrollees
    The enrolment for this school year in Villahermosa integrated school is 276. If 1/3 are grade ten and are 1/4 grade seven, how many are grade eight and grade nine enrollees?
  • Brooke
    Brooke divided 2/3 by 1/6 and got 1/9. Her classmate told her that she isn’t correct. What do you think went wrong with Brooke’s solution? Explain your answer in 2 - 3 sentences.
  • A clerk
    A clerk is paid 45.25 pesos per hour for 40 hours a week. 1.50 times rate for overtime and double the rate for a holiday. How much does the clerk get if he works overtime for 5 hours and 2 hours on holiday?
  • Countertop
    Sam it is constructing he measures a rectangle area are on the countertop of 18 1/2 x 35 1/3” he will need to cut his area out in order to place his sink and the opening. What is the product of the two measurements round to the nearest whole?
  • Francesca 2
    Francesca applied the steps below to find the product of (-1.2)(-9.4). Step 1: (-1.2)(-9.4) = (-9.4)(-1.2) Step 2:                   = (-9.4)(-1) + (-9.4)(-0.2) Step 3:                   = (9.4) + (1.88) Step 4:                   = 11.28 Which step shows
  • Mother 8
    Mother bought 2 kg of beef at P240 per kilo and 2 kg of chicken legs at P140 per kilo. She gave the meat vendor a P1000 bill. How much change did she get?
  • Mother 7
    Mother bought 18 fruits. 1/3 were pineapple and the rest  were mangoes . how many were mangoes
  • Add six
    Add six to twelve, then divide the sum by four. Divide the quotient by negative nine and then multiply by twenty-four. What is the result?
  • Gas price
    If a cm3 of gas costs rm 1.50, how many cents would a liter of gas cost? 1 rm = 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 100 Malaysian Ringgit cents = equals 0.21 Euro in 2021/Q3

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