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  • A test
    A test has 20 questions. The test takes away 1 point if the answer is incorrect. A student answered 8 questions incorrectly. How many points did the student lose?
  • Balls in row
    Calculate the number of ways of placing 4 black balls, 4 turquoise balls and 5 gold balls in a row.
  • There 19
    There are 19 boys in section A and 23 boys in section B. If 4/7 of them are boy scout, how many boy scouts are there?
  • Box of apples
    There are 50 apples in the box. 2/5 of apples are rotten. How many apples are rotten?
  • Sultan
    Sultan divides 3 pieces of paper into fifths. How many fifths does he have? What expression represents the situation above?
  • Paulownia
    Seed germination is 80%. Of the sprouted plants, 8% subsequently die. How many plants does a gardener grow from 1,500 seeds?
  • What is 14
    What is (-2)4× 34?
  • Which 6
    Which statement is correct about the product of 423 and 78? A. Because 78 is greater than 1, the product of 423 and 78 is greater than 423. B. Because 78 is less than 1, the product of 423 and 78 is greater than 423. C. Because 78 is greater than 1, the p
  • Enrollees
    The enrolment for this school year in Villahermosa integrated school is 276. If 1/3 are grade ten and are 1/4 grade seven, how many are grade eight and grade nine enrollees?
  • 30 eggs
    There are 30 eggs in a tray. If 1/2 of the tray used 1/5 of it cooked,1/3 kept the refrigerator, how many eggs were left?
  • The three
    The three boys Adam, Boris and Cyril are to be taken on a two-seater ski lift. How many different removal options are there? What would it be like if four boys or five were to be taken away?
  • Comparing exponents
    A) 8 (6²)(8²) b) 16 (6²)(8²) c) (6¹+²) (8²)
  • English and math
    1/5 of a class study English, and 3/5 study mathematics. If the class consist of 80 students, how many students study English and mathematics in the class?
  • Which 4
    Which number is equivalent to 5×10+4×1+8×110+6×1100+1×11,000?
  • Four multiples
    Four multiples of 6, he writes the following 12  24  56  72, which is correct?
  • A number 5
    A number is divisible by 24, 25, and 120 if it is increased by 20. Find the number.
  • The cost 2
    The cost of 5 apples is $3.45, and 5 oranges are $1.23. If Rachel buys one apple and one orange, then how much must she pay?
  • The building
    There are 45 people living in building, out of these 3/5 are men,2/5 are women . find the number of men and women in the building.
  • Players - baseball
    There are 20 players on each of two baseball teams. If 2/5 of the players on team 1 miss practice and 1/4 of the players on team two miss practice, how many more players from team 1 missed practice then team 2?
  • There 15
    There are 39 students in a classroom with 5 tables. If 7 students can sit at a table, how many students can sit down at tables?

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