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  • 5 digits
    You have the following digits: 9, 8, 0, 1, 5. Write the smallest even five-digit number if one digit is repeated three times and the other digits are not repeated. The digit sum of the number is: a) 9 b) 6 c) 8 d) 23
  • Three in ratio
    1/8 of the balls in a bag are red, 5/8 are blue and the rest is green. Find the ratio of red to blue to green balls.
  • A test 2
    A test has 20 questions. The test awards 3 points if the answer is correct and takes away 1 point if the answer is incorrect. A student answered 5 questions incorrectly. How many points did the student earn?​
  • A test
    A test has 20 questions. The test takes away 1 point if the answer is incorrect. A student answered 8 questions incorrectly. How many points did the student lose?
  • Mushrooms
    The ratio of dry matter and water is 1: 9 for most mushrooms. Dry matter consists of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fat and water in a ratio of 50: 30: 8: 3: 9. How many kg of fresh mushrooms need to be processed into a 10 kg package of dried mushroom
  • Unknown number 32
    What number am I? I am greater than 10 but less than 20. My 1/3 is equal to my 1/5 plus 2.
  • Which 8
    Which among the following real numbers below is the least? A. 5/8 B. 0.75 C. 7/10 D. 35/99
  • The GCF
    The GCF of 40 and a number is 8. what is the number if it lies between 70 and 80?
  • Lcm and hcf
    If the LCM of a and 18 is 36 and the HCF of a and 18 is 2, then a = …
  • Thrice
    Thrice a number increased by twenty is four times the number decreased by fifteen. Find this number.
  • One evening
    One evening, a restaurant served a total of 1/2 of a loaf of wheat bread and 7/8 of a loaf of white bread. How many loaves were served in all?
  • The correct
    The correct missing numerator in 2/4 = _/8 to make the fraction equal is
  • What is 16
    What is the qoutient of 11 over 12 divided by one-third?
  • Lemonade
    During a contest, Karlo drank 1 3/4 liters of lemonade and Ralph drank 1 ½ liters . Who drank more lemonade and by how much?
  • Peter 4
    Peter has salary 45,55 pesos per hour in a regular day and 2,5 times of regular rate over time. He worked 8 hours per regulars day and 4 hours of overtime. Find total amount of pay receive.
  • Mangoes trees
    Draw two sets of trees. The first tree has 2 branches and 8 mango fruits. The second tree has 3 branches and 12 mango fruits. Illustrate and express the ratio and proportion of the given statement.
  • What is 16
    What is the sum of three consecutive even integers such that six more than twice the second is 2/3 of the first increased by 3/2 of the third?
  • At Lina’s
    At Lina’s restaurant, one serving of chili is 1 ½ cups. The chef makes 48 cups of chili each night. How many servings of chili are in 48 cups?
  • The Hobson
    The Hobson family is on a road trip and their gas tank is 1/10 full. If they can drive 40 more miles, what fraction of the tank does each mile consume?
  • If you 5
    If you subtract N from 8 2/5 the difference is 3 4/3. what is N?

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