Conversion miles per hour to knots, mph to kt.

The conversion factor is 0.86897624223256; so 1 mile per hour = 0.86897624223256 knots. In other words, the value in mph divide by 1.150779447584 to get a value in kt. The calculator gives the answer to the questions: 120 mph is how many kt? or change mph to kt. Convert mph to kt.

Conversion result:

1 mph = 0.86898 kt

1 mile per hour is 0.86898 knots.


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Conversion of a velocity unit in word math problems and questions

  • Avg speed of flight
    The student's vice adventure had a 2,367 km flight. If their travel time was 2 hours and 56 minutes, what was their average speed in kilometers per hour?
  • Tourist
    Tourist walk at 4.1 km/h. Every 5 km have 20-minute break. How many kilometers passed, when started at 4:40 and finished at 10:30?
  • Speed of sound
    The average speed of sound is 330 meters per second. Estimate how long it will take to hear the church bell 1 km away. Calculate the distance from what would hear sound after 10 seconds.
  • Last wagon
    A 200 m long train passes through the 700 m long tunnel so that a time of 1 minute elapses from the entry of the locomotive into the tunnel to the exit of the last wagon from the tunnel. Find the speed of the train.
  • A filter
    It is a pool with a volume of 3500 liters. The filter filters at 4m cubic per hour. How many minutes would it filter the entire pool?
  • Cyclists and walkers
    A group of tourists started at 8:00 at a speed 4 km/h walk. At half-past ten, another group started on a bike and caught up with a group of tourists at 10:50. What was the average speed of cyclists?
  • Decelleration
    In a braking test, a vehicle that travels at 51 km/h stops in 5 s. What is the acceleration?
  • Average speed
    When the bus stops at a bus stop driving average speed is 45 km/h. If it did not stop, it would drive at a speed of 54 km/h. How many minutes of every hour does it spend at stops?
  • Friction coefficient
    What is the weight of a car when it moves on a horizontal road at a speed of v = 50 km/h at engine power P = 7 kW? The friction coefficient is 0.07
  • Cross road
    From the junction of two streets that are perpendicular to each other, two cyclists (each on another street) walked out. One ran 18 km/h and the second 24 km/h. How are they away from a) 6 minutes, b) 15 minutes?
  • Clock Tower
    What angle is betwenn hands on Clock Tower when show 17 hours and 35 minutes?
  • Mail train
    The speed of the mail train is 1370 meters per minute. Express it in miles per hour, correct to three significant figures. Use the following facts to convert this units: 1 meter =39.37 inches, 1 mile = 1609 m, 1 hour = 60 minutes
  • Speeds
    George pass on the way to school distance 200 meters in 165 seconds. What is the average walking speed in m/s and km/h?
  • Knight
    Knight passed 13 km long track in 26 minutes, what was his average speed?
  • Cyclist 12
    What is the average speed of a cycle traveling at 20 km in 60 minutes in km/h?

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