Temperature up and dowm

At 6 AM, the temperature is 19.4°C. Between 6 AM and noon, the temperature rises by 3.8°C. Between noon and 6 PM, the temperature falls 2.5°C.

What is the temperature at 6 PM?

Correct answer:

T3 =  20.7 °C

Step-by-step explanation:

T1=19.4 °C T2=T1+3.8=19.4+3.8=5116=23.2 °C  T3=T22.5=23.22.5=20.7°C

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can you teach me i want to ask a question

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thank you this really helped me out a lot with this problem! I got an A+++++++ on my math test because of this question, 5 stars!

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