A trail mix

Diego is making a trail mix for him and his friends to take with them on a hike next week. He mixes 4 2/6 pounds of mixed nuts, 3 3/6 pounds of peanuts, and 2 3/6 pounds of chocolate chips. How many 1/3-pound bags of trail mix can he make?

Correct answer:

n =  31

Step-by-step explanation:

a=462=4+62=64 6+2=624+2=626=313=4314.3333 lb b=363=3+63=63 6+3=618+3=621=27=321=3.5 lb c=263=2+63=62 6+3=612+3=615=25=221=2.5 lb  s=a+b+c=313+27+25=626+621+615=626+21+15=662=331=103110.3333 lb m=1/3=310.3333 lb  n=s/m=331/31=331:31=331 13=3 131 3=393=31

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