Examples for 9th grade

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  • Trigonometry
    sinus Is true equality? ?
  • Exp
    old_calculator If ?, then n is:
  • Fraction
    polynomial For what x expression ? equals zero?
  • Percentages
    percent2 Expressed as a percentage:
  • Equation
    cubic How many real roots has equation ? ?
  • ABS
    sphere_nice What is the value of ? ?
  • Power
    power Number ?. Find the value of x.
  • Percentage 10
    trenky_1 52 shorts and missed 13. Calculate percentage
  • Flawless
    nepodarky_2 Of the 3820 products, 3792 were flawless. What percentage was due to failures?
  • One half
    one_half One half of ? is: ?
  • Percentages
    permutations_3_3 52 is what percent of 93?
  • PIN - codes
    pin How many five-digit PIN - code can we create using the even numbers?
  • A number
    Permutations A number 5% greater than 75?
  • Line
    skew_lines It is true that the lines that do not intersect are parallel?
  • AP - simple
    sigma_1 Determine the first nine elements of sequence if a10 = -1 and d = 4
  • Examination
    examination The class is 21 students. How many ways can choose two to examination?
  • Reference angle
    anglemeter Find the reference angle of each angle:
  • Teams
    football_team How many ways can divide 16 players into two teams of 8 member?
  • Medals
    medails In how many ways can be divided gold, silver and bronze medal among 21 contestant?
  • Quadrant
    quadrants In what quadrant is a -1165° angle?

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