Subtraction - 6th grade (11y) - math problems

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  • Whole pie
    If you have one whole pie and 1/2 is giving away and 1/4 is eaten and how much do you have left
  • A test 2
    A test has 20 questions. The test awards 3 points if the answer is correct and takes away 1 point if the answer is incorrect. A student answered 5 questions incorrectly. How many points did the student earn?​
  • Please 3
    Please help, I'm lost! I'm calculating the difference between two Fahrenheit degrees 55F - 37F = 18 F Now if I converted the degrees to Celsius before subtracting then we get 12.78C - 2.78 =10C How is that possible when 18F does not equal 10C. Could yo pl
  • Malou
    Malou spent ₱24.85 for a sandwich and ₱9.20 for juice. How much change did she receive if she gave the vendor ₱100?
  • Lemonade
    During a contest, Karlo drank 1 3/4 liters of lemonade and Ralph drank 1 ½ liters . Who drank more lemonade and by how much?
  • If you 5
    If you subtract N from 8 2/5 the difference is 3 4/3. what is N?
  • Antipandemic garlic
    Noah bought 0.328 kg of garlic, 0.072 kg of tomatoes, 0.1112 kg of onions, and the remaining kg for ginger to make it 2.387 kg altogether. How many kg of ginger he had bought?
  • PLUS MINUS product
    A. Deduct 15.728 from the sum of 23.234 and 6.23 B. Add 15.756 to the difference of 26.845 and 4.342 C. Find the product of 0.86 x 0.05 D. Multiply 5.234 by 4.45 E What is the product of 23.97 multiply by 6.36?
  • Double minus
    What is the value of 56 - (-13)?
  • The temperature 19
    The temperature during the day in a cold country is 9 degrees celsius. At night the temperature falls by 13 degrees celsius. What is the temperature at night?
  • Jonas
    Jonas practice basketball 3/4 hours a day. He has already practice 1/2 hours. How many more hours will Jonas practice?
  • Antonio
    Antonio is thinking of an improper fraction and a mixed fraction which have a sum of 5 5/12. The improper fraction is 8/3. What is the mixed number?
  • Subtract mixed
    Find the difference. 5 and two-thirds minus 2 and one-half equals what number? A. three and one-sixth B. three and two-thirds C. three and one-half D. three and five-sixths
  • A box 3
    A box delivery truck consumes 12 gallons of gasoline in three days of 2 4/5 gallons of gas or consumes on the first day and three and 710 gallons or consumed on the second day. How much is consumed on the third day?
  • Paulownia
    Seed germination is 80%. Of the sprouted plants, 8% subsequently die. How many plants does a gardener grow from 1,500 seeds?
  • Math:
    Math: solve each problem. 1. for the school's intramurals, a group of students prepared 23 1/2 liters of lemonade to sell. They had 3 5/8 liters leftover. How many liters of lemonade were sold? 2. My mother bought 3 3/4 kg of beef, 23/5 kg of pork, and 5
  • What is 13
    What is the number sentence? * 1 point 1/2 + 3/4 + 1/4 = A 1/2 - 3/4 - 1/4 = B 1/2 x 3/4 x 1/4 = C 1/2 ÷ 3/4 ÷ 1/4 = D
  • 500 pesos
    Php 500.00. If she spent Php70.00 for her transportation, Php375.50 for her food and Php45.75 for her school project, how much more was left with her?
  • One large
    One large pizza is cut into 12 pieces. The pizza has sausage, mushrooms, and cheese on it. Michelle ate 1/6 of the pizza, Natalie ate 1/4 of the pizza, Bridgette ate 1/8 of the pizza, and Brenda ate 1/3 of the pizza. How much of the whole pizza is left, a
  • Ana bought
    Ana bought a bag for Php 350.75 and a blouse worth Php 450.90. How much did she give the cashier if her change was 198.35?

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Subtraction Problems. Examples for 6th grade (the sixth graders).