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We offer practice word problems from elementary and high school mathematics. In the 12 years of the portal's existence, we have collected and solved more than 18,000 word problems. If you find an error in our solution, please report it to us. We are happy to fix it and learn new things.

Most of the problems were sent us by the students to improve math reasoning. We try to develop logical and critical thinking in children and youth. We collect examples from pupils who cannot calculate them or just want to confirm the correctness of their procedure and result.

We consider mathematics a carrier of common sense, without which succeeding in a further career or business is more challenging. We develop creative, critical thinking. Everything can be proven in mathematics, derived from basic knowledge (axioms). For example, each solution to the example can be verified by a correctness test. We will help you with our portal with math questions and problems with their solutions. If you are looking for math material, getting ready for a prize, a graduate, a monitor, or a nationwide knowledge test is also right here. In addition to examples, we also offer online math calculators.


20.05.2024 High school graduation exams have started. We wish the graduates a lot of strength in the maturity exam.

17.05.2024 The examination period at universities begins.

27.03.2024 We have 18340 solved math problems.

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