Divisors Calculator

Divisors of number 18: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18

Number of divisors: 6

Sum of its divisors: 39

Input a positive integer and this calculator will calculate:
• the complete list of divisors of the given number
• the sum of its divisors,
• the number of divisors

What is a divisor

If we have a natural number p, then the number q is a divisor of the number p if it is true that it divides it without a remainder. So there is a natural number k such that k*q=p. The number p is also called the divisor, q is the divisor, and k is the quotient. Every natural number has at least two divisors. The number 1 (one) and itself, because 1*p=p*1=p. They are called trivial divisors. The number 0 (zero) is not a natural number but has infinitely many divisors - all numbers except zero. The set of divisors can be calculated for all natural numbers. The usual procedure is to prime factorization the number p and obtain the divisors as a product of permutations of the prime factors. For small numbers, the list of divisors can also be obtained by dividing the number p by numbers from 1 to the square root of p. Divisors have many uses in mathematics.