The theater

The Manila theater charged ticket prices: adults php500, students php250, and children below 12 are php100. The theater collected a total of php100,000.00 from an audience of 250 people. What is a possible audience composition regarding the numbers of adults, students, and children? Write the answer with a solution.

Correct answer:

a =  186
s =  4
c =  60

Step-by-step explanation:

500a+250s+100c = 100000 a+s+c = 250  a1=150, c1=0, s1=100 a2=153, c2=5, s2=92 a3=156, c3=10, s3=84 a4=159, c4=15, s4=76 a5=162, c5=20, s5=68 a6=165, c6=25, s6=60 a7=168, c7=30, s7=52 a8=171, c8=35, s8=44 a9=174, c9=40, s9=36 a10=177, c10=45, s10=28 a11=180, c11=50, s11=20 a12=183, c12=55, s12=12 a13=186, c13=60, s13=4  a=186

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