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Tickets to a concert cost $2 for children, $3 for teenagers, and $5 for adults. When 570 people attended the concert, the total ticket receipts were $1950. Compared to the number of children in attendance, three-fourths as many teenagers attended. How many teenagers attended?

Correct answer:

t =  150

Step-by-step explanation:

2c+3t+5a=1950 c+t+a=570 t=43 c  2 c+3 t+5 a=1950 c+t+a=570 t=3/4 c  5a+2c+3t=1950 a+c+t=570 3c4t=0  Row251 Row1Row2 5a+2c+3t=1950 0.6c+0.4t=180 3c4t=0  Pivot:Row2Row3 5a+2c+3t=1950 3c4t=0 0.6c+0.4t=180  Row330.6 Row2Row3 5a+2c+3t=1950 3c4t=0 1.2t=180  t=1.2180=150 c=30+4t=30+4 150=200 a=519502c3t=519502 2003 150=220  a=220 c=200 t=150

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