Maximally 4036

Mr. Novák wants to pave the terrace with tiles of two sizes to be as small as possible. Its terrace is square with a side 3 meters long. There is a wall of the house on two sides of the terrace. Next to the wall, he wants to put small tiles, the rest large. He wants square tiles with a side of maximally 55 cm.
How many tiles does he have to buy? How long must large tiles have? How long must small tiles have?

Correct answer:

n =  52
a =  54.4767 cm
b =  22.2222 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

d=300 a<55 b<55 n/2 a2+n/2 b2=d2 2d = a(n/2+1) n=52
a=54.476704205051=54.4767 cm
b=22.222222222222=22.2222 cm

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