Timothy is 56 4/5 inches tall. Theresa is 1 1/6 inches shorter than Timothy, and Jane is 1 1/3 inches shorter than Theresa. How tall is Jane?

Correct answer:

J =  54 310 = 543/10 in

Step-by-step explanation:

T1=5654=56+54=556 5+4=5280+4=5284=56.8 in d1=161=1+61=61 6+1=66+1=671.1667 in d2=131=1+31=31 3+1=33+1=341.3333 in  T2=T1d1=528467=3017043035=30170435=301669=30166955.6333 in J=T2d2=30166934=3016693040=30166940=301629=10543 in=54103 in=54.3 in

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