Per shift

Two cars take beets from the same field to the sugar factory. Both drive at the same average speed. A car with mechanical tipping needs 15 minutes to travel to the sugar factory and back. A car that does not have a mechanical tipping needs 6 minutes longer for the same trip. Both cars leave at the same time in the morning. How many times do they meet in the field per shift (8 hours)?

Correct answer:

n =  4

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=15 min t2=t1+6=15+6=21 min s=8 h min=8 60  min=480 min  15=35 21=37 LCM(15,21)=357=105  T=LCM(t1,t2)=LCM(15,21)=105 min  n1=s/T=480/105=732=4744.5714  n=n1=4.5714=4

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