From a box of spruce seeds with a germination of 80%, we randomly selected ten seeds and planted them. Find the median of the random variable: the number of germinating seeds.

Correct answer:

m =  8

Step-by-step explanation:

q=80%=10080=54=0.8 r=1q=10.8=51=0.2 n=10  n1=(1n)q1(1q)n1=(110)0.81(10.8)101=100.810.294.096106 n2=(2n)q2(1q)n2=(210)0.82(10.8)102=450.820.280.0001 n3=(3n)q3(1q)n3=(310)0.83(10.8)103=1200.830.270.0008 n4=(4n)q4(1q)n4=(410)0.84(10.8)104=2100.840.260.0055 n5=(5n)q5(1q)n5=(510)0.85(10.8)105=2520.850.250.0264 n6=(6n)q6(1q)n6=(610)0.86(10.8)106=2100.860.240.0881 n7=(7n)q7(1q)n7=(710)0.87(10.8)107=1200.870.230.2013 n8=(8n)q8(1q)n8=(810)0.88(10.8)108=450.880.220.302 n9=(9n)q9(1q)n9=(910)0.89(10.8)109=100.890.210.2684 n10=(10n)q10(1q)n10=(1010)0.810(10.8)1010=10.8100.200.1074  n8 > ni  m=8

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