Time adding

Add and write the result again as hours, minutes, seconds:

2hodiny45min15s + 1h20m50s =


h =  4
m =  6
s =  5


t1=2 3600+45 60+15=9915 t2=1 3600+20 60+50=4850 t=t1+t2=9915+4850=14765 h1=t/3600=14765/360029537204.1014 h=h1=4.1014=4t_{1}=2 \cdot \ 3600 + 45 \cdot \ 60 + 15=9915 \ \\ t_{2}=1 \cdot \ 3600+20 \cdot \ 60+50=4850 \ \\ t=t_{1}+t_{2}=9915+4850=14765 \ \\ h_{1}=t/3600=14765/3600 \doteq \dfrac{ 2953 }{ 720 } \doteq 4.1014 \ \\ h=\lfloor h_{1} \rfloor=\lfloor 4.1014 \rfloor=4
t3=t3600 h=147653600 4=365 m1=t3/60=365/6073126.0833 m=m1=6.0833=6t_{3}=t-3600 \cdot \ h=14765-3600 \cdot \ 4=365 \ \\ m_{1}=t_{3}/60=365/60 \doteq \dfrac{ 73 }{ 12 } \doteq 6.0833 \ \\ m=\lfloor m_{1} \rfloor=\lfloor 6.0833 \rfloor=6
s=t360 m=36560 6=5s=t_{3} - 60 \cdot \ m=365 - 60 \cdot \ 6=5

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