The sum 17

The sum of three numbers is -1. If we multiply the second number by 2, third number by 3 and add them, we get 5. If we subtract the third number from the sum of first and second numbers, we get -1.  

Answer the following:
Represent the above information algebraically. Convert the system of linear equations in matrix form. If the matrix formed by coefficients of variables is written by A, then find |A|. Find adj (A); where adjoint of A is the transpose of the matrix of the co factors. Find the numbers using matrix method.

Correct answer:

a =  -7
b =  6
c =  0

Step-by-step explanation:



a+b+c = -1
a+2b+3c = 5
a+b-c = -1

a = -7
b = 6
c = 0

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