Vegetable garden

The four sides of a vegetable garden are 15 1/2 feet, 18 3/4 feet, 24 1/4 feet, and 30 1/2 feet. How many feet of fencing are needed to go around the garden? (write the answer as the whole number)

Correct answer:

o =  79 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

a=521=211=5.5 ft b=1843=18+43=418 4+3=472+3=475=18.75 ft c=2441=24+41=424 4+1=496+1=497=24.25 ft d=3021=30+21=230 2+1=260+1=261=30.5 ft  o=a+b+c+d=211+475+497+261=422+475+497+4122=422+75+97+122=4316=79 ft

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