Twenty-kilogram 8028

When weighing twenty-kilogram bags of sugar, we found the following values in kg: 1.00;1.01;1.05;0.99;1.00;0.98;0.99;1.04;1.06;0 .93;1.00;1.03;0.97;1.00;0.99;1.05;1.01;0.94;1.00
Compile the honesty table to find the mean, mode, and median arithmetically, and draw a line diagram.

Correct answer:

a =  1.0021
m1 =  1
m2 =  1

Step-by-step explanation:

n=19 s=1.00+1.01+1.05+0.99+1.00+0.98+0.99+1.04+1.06+0.93+1.00+1.03+0.97+1.00+0.99+1.05+1.01+0.94+1.00=19.04  a=s/n=19.04/19=1.0021

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