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Petra got so excited about the cycling race that he started training every day. He notices that he travels 10 km in as many minutes as his average speed in kilometers per hour. His last training route was 50km. How long did it take him to cross it?

Correct answer:

t2 =  2.0412 h

Step-by-step explanation:

s2=50 km s1=10 km  t1(min) = v(km/h) s1 = v t1 s1 = v   v / 60  v=s1 60=10 60=10 6 km/h24.4949 km/h  t1=s1/v=10/24.49490.4082 h t11=t1 min=t1 60  min=0.4082 60  min=24.4949 min  s11=v t1=24.4949 0.4082=10 km s11 = s1  t2=s2/v=50/24.4949=2.0412 h

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