Examples for 7th grade (seventh)

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  • Compare:
    nevim What is bigger? ...
  • Simple equation
    axes Solve for x: 3(x + 2) = x - 18
  • Rounding
    approx The following numbers round to the thousandth:
  • Inflation
    dollar What is better for people (employees)? ?
  • Inquality
    compare Solve inequality: 3x + 6 > 14
  • Pound2kilos
    vaha How many pounds make 1 kilograms?
  • Round it
    rounding 0.728 round to units, tenths, hundredths.
  • Diagonal
    diamond Can be a diagonal of diamond twice longer than it side?
  • Diagonal
    rhombus Can a rhombus have the same length diagonal and side?
  • Numeric question
    ir_number It is possible negative irrational number?
  • Given
    1998-4b Given 2x =0.125 find the value of x
  • Unknown number
    fractions I think the number - its sixth is 3 smaller than its third.
  • Strange x
    pie For what x is true x=12x?
  • Percentages
    money What is 1/3 of $821.43?
  • One sixth
    one_sixth How many sixths are two thirds?
  • Equation 15
    eq222 Solve equation with variables on both sides:
  • The number 4
    numbers Two-thirds of a number is negative six. Find the number.
  • Ratio
    pomer Increase in the ratio 20:4 number 18.5.
  • Seeds 2
    seed How many seeds germinated from 1000 pcs, when 23% no emergence?
  • Obtuse angle
    UholZSobr2 Which obtuse angle is creating clocks at 17:00?

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