Grade - math word problems

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  • Exp
    old_calculator If ?, then n is:
  • Fraction
    polynomial For what x expression ? equals zero?
  • Valid number
    numbers Round the 453874528 on 2 significant numbers.
  • Inflation
    dollar What is better for people (employees)? ?
  • Round 9
    numbers2_1 Round number 0.2375 TO 2 SIGNIFICANT FIGURES
  • Equation
    serwisy_chemia_01 ?
  • Percentages
    percent2 Expressed as a percentage:
  • Hours
    watch_1 How many hours is 9 days?
  • Angles 1
    angles It is true neighboring angles have not common arm?
  • Number
    numbers_10 Which number is 17 times larger than the number 6?
  • 7th grade pupils
    rings_olympic Pupils doing research which a winter sport do their classmates most popular. They found that 2/5 of classmates would most like to play hockey, skate prefer 2/9 pupils, 3/10 students prefer skiing and 1/15 classmates don't like any winter sport. What propo
  • To thousands
    thousand_money Round to thousands following numbers:
  • Equation
    cubic How many real roots has equation ? ?
  • Center traverse
    trianles Does the middle traverse indeed bisect the triangle?
  • Life
    dedko Calculate how many years has man lived for 12248 days?
  • Strange x
    pie For what x is true ??
  • Inquality
    compare_4 Solve inequality: 3x + 6 > 14
  • Pound2kilos
    vaha_19 How many pounds make 1 kilograms?
  • Addition of Roman numbers
    roman Added together and write as decimal number: LXVII + MLXIV
  • Simply equation
    img_reci Solve this equation for x: ?

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