Per mil practice problems

One per mill means one-thousandth of a whole. A per mill is one thousandth. A per mill is a tenth of a percent, which is a tenth of hundredth of a whole. A per mill has the mark ‰, while three zeros in the mark mean three zeros from the number 1000. A per mill is a mathematical term, but in everyday speech, especially in slang, it also means checking the amount of alcohol in the blood, measured in parts per million. For example, how many parts per million did you blow? Measuring alcohol in the blood/breath actually means how many thousandths of the blood volume a person has alcohol. Then we can say, for example, 1.0 per thousand: mild intoxication. That mean they measured 1 ml of alcohol in a liter of human blood.

We recognize money per mill, weight per mill, volume per mill, and per mill from any other physical quantity. Another correct words for this term are: per mil, per mill, permil, permill, permille.

Direction: Solve each problem carefully and show your solution in each item.

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