Conversion of volume units

Enter a volume as a number and select the unit from and to have a unit conversion done.

Essential of conversions SI units of the volume is the coefficient 1000. Units of volume are the cubes of units of length. For example, 1 dm3 = 103 cm3 = 1000 cm3. Another important rule is definition 1 liter = 1 dm3. Imperial volume units use nontrivial coefficients for conversions. ie. 1 gal = 3.78541 liters

Direct conversion: ml to cl; ml to dl; ml to l; ml to mm3; ml to cm3; ml to dm3; ml to oz; ml to inch3; cl to ml; cl to dl; cl to l; cl to cm3; cl to dm3; cl to oz; cl to gal; cl to inch3; dl to ml; dl to cl; dl to l; dl to hl; dl to cm3; dl to dm3; dl to oz; dl to gal; dl to inch3; dl to ft3; l to ml; l to cl; l to dl; l to hl; l to cm3; l to dm3; l to m3; l to oz; l to gal; l to inch3; l to ft3; l to barel; hl to dl; hl to l; hl to dm3; hl to m3; hl to gal; hl to ft3; hl to barel; mm3 to ml; mm3 to cm3; cm3 to ml; cm3 to cl; cm3 to dl; cm3 to l; cm3 to mm3; cm3 to dm3; cm3 to oz; cm3 to inch3; dm3 to ml; dm3 to cl; dm3 to dl; dm3 to l; dm3 to hl; dm3 to cm3; dm3 to m3; dm3 to oz; dm3 to gal; dm3 to inch3; dm3 to ft3; dm3 to barel; m3 to l; m3 to hl; m3 to dm3; m3 to gal; m3 to ft3; m3 to barel; oz to ml; oz to cl; oz to dl; oz to l; oz to cm3; oz to dm3; oz to gal; oz to inch3; oz to ft3; gal to cl; gal to dl; gal to l; gal to hl; gal to dm3; gal to m3; gal to oz; gal to inch3; gal to ft3; gal to barel; inch3 to ml; inch3 to cl; inch3 to dl; inch3 to l; inch3 to cm3; inch3 to dm3; inch3 to oz; inch3 to gal; ft3 to dl; ft3 to l; ft3 to hl; ft3 to dm3; ft3 to m3; ft3 to oz; ft3 to gal; ft3 to barel; barel to l; barel to hl; barel to dm3; barel to m3; barel to gal; barel to ft3;

Conversion of a volume unit in word math problems and questions

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