Vojta strengthens for eight weeks. In the first week, he did five sit-ups a day. He did one more per day every week than in the previous week. How many sit-ups has Vojta made?

Correct answer:

n =  476

Step-by-step explanation:

t=7 n1=5 t=5 7=35 n2=6 t=6 7=42 n3=7 t=7 7=49 n4=8 t=8 7=56 n5=9 t=9 7=63 n6=10 t=10 7=70 n7=11 t=11 7=77 n8=12 t=12 7=84  n=n1+n2+n3+n4+n5+n6+n7+n8=35+42+49+56+63+70+77+84=476

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