Square side

If we enlarge the square side a = 5m, its area will increase by 10,25%. How much percent will the side of the square increase? How many percent will it increase the circumference of the square?

Correct answer:

p1 =  5 %
p2 =  5 %

Step-by-step explanation:

a=5 m q=1+10010.25=400441=1.1025  S=a2=52=25 m2 S1=q S=400441 25=400441 25=40011025=16441=27.5625 m2  a1=S1=27.5625=421=5.25  p1=100 aa1a=100 54215=5%
o=4 a=4 5=20 m o1=4 a1=4 421=44 21=484=21 m p2=100 oo1o=100 202120=5%

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