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Calculate the height of the cylinder when r = 10 mm and S = 800 mm2.
Calculate the radius / r / of the cylinder when the height is 20 mm and S = 1000 mm2.

Correct answer:

h1 =  2.7324 mm
r2 =  6.0983 mm

Step-by-step explanation:

r1=10 mm S1=800 mm2  S=2πr(r+h)  h1=2π r1S1r1=2 3.1416 1080010=2.7324 mm
h2=20 mm S2=1000 mm2  S2=2πr2(r2+h2)  1000=2pix(x+20)  1000=2 3.1415926 x(x+20) 6.283185x2125.664x+1000=0 6.283185x2+125.664x1000=0  a=6.283185;b=125.664;c=1000 D=b24ac=125.664246.283185(1000)=40924.106503 D>0  x1,2=2ab±D=12.56637125.66±40924.11 x1,2=10.00000032±16.098290506729 x1=6.0982901884192 x2=26.098290825039   Factored form of the equation:  6.283185(x6.0982901884192)(x+26.098290825039)=0  r2=x1=6.09836.0983 mm   Verifying Solution:  S3=2π r2 (r2+h2)=2 3.1416 6.0983 (6.0983+20)=1000 cm2 S3=S2

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