Cylindrical 46021

Calculate the magnetic field energy of a cylindrical coil with 400 turns, a length of 0.4 m, and a radius of 20 mm. A current of 3A passes through the coil. (µo = 4π 10-7 H. M-1)

Correct answer:

E =  0.0007 J

Step-by-step explanation:

N=400 l=0.4 m D=20 mm m=20:1000  m=0.02 m I=3 A  µ=4π 107=4 3.1416 1071.2566106 H/m r=D/2=0.02/2=1001=0.01 m  S=π r2=3.1416 0.0120.0003 m2  L=N2 µ S/l=4002 1.2566106 0.0003/0.40.0002 H  E=21 L I2=21 0.0002 32=0.0007 J

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