Coils of transformer

The primary coil of the transformer has 400 turns. A current of 1.5 A passes through it and is connected to a voltage of 220 V. For the secondary coil, find the voltage, current, and a number of turns if the transformation ratio k = 0.1.

Correct answer:

U2 =  22 V
I2 =  0.15 A
N2 =  40

Step-by-step explanation:

N1=400 I1=1.5 A U1=220 V k=0.1  k=N1N2=U1U2=I1I2  U2=k U1=0.1 220=22 V
I2=I1 k=1.5 0.1=0.15 A
N2=k N1=0.1 400=40

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Math student
i think the value of I2=0.15A

Math student
k=i2/i1  which is wrong

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