The output

The output voltage of the transformer is 880 V. The secondary coil has 1200 turns. Find the voltage to which the primary coil is connected and how many turns it has if a current of 1 A flows through it. Transformation ratio k = 4. What current flows through the secondary coil?

Correct answer:

U1 =  220 V
n1 =  300
I2 =  0.25 A

Step-by-step explanation:

U2=880 V n2=1200 I1=1 A k=4  k=U2/U1 U1=U2/k=880/4=220 V
k=n2/n1 n1=n2/k=1200/4=300
P=I1 U1=1 220=220 W P=I2 U2  I2=P/U2=220/880=0.25 A

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