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The coil of a moving coil voltmeter is 40 mm long and 30 mm wide and has 100 turns on it. The control spring exerts a torque of 240 x 10-6 N-m when the deflection is 100 divisions on full scale. If the flux density of the magnetic field in the air gap is 1.0 Wb/m2 . How can we modify the coil arrangement so that the coil to give one volt per division. The resistance of the voltmeter coil may be neglected.

Correct answer:

L =  1 H

Step-by-step explanation:

a=40 mm m=40:1000  m=0.04 m b=30 mm m=30:1000  m=0.03 m N=100 M=240 1060.0002 Nm  Φ=1.0 Wb/m2  L=1=1 H

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