Variability 29933

In September, students missed the following number of lessons:
Girls: 2; 0; 7; 8; 2; 2; 4;
Boys: 4; 4; 0; 3; 10; 3; 8;
Compare the variability of both statistical files.

Correct answer:

r1 =  7.3878
r2 =  9.6735

Step-by-step explanation:

μ1=72+0+7+8+2+2+4=725=3743.5714 μ2=74+4+0+3+10+3+8=732=4744.5714  e1=(2μ1)2+(0μ1)2+(7μ1)2+(8μ1)2+(2μ1)2+(2μ1)2+(4μ1)2=(2725)2+(0725)2+(7725)2+(8725)2+(2725)2+(2725)2+(4725)2=7362=517551.7143 r1=7e1=77362=49362=74919=7.3878
e2=(4μ2)2+(4μ2)2+(0μ2)2+(3μ2)2+(10μ2)2+(3μ2)2+(8μ2)2=(4732)2+(4732)2+(0732)2+(3732)2+(10732)2+(3732)2+(8732)2=7474=677567.7143  r2=7e2=77474=49474=949339.6735  r1<r2

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