Remainder 34441

Find the remainder after division when we divide the sum of 1! +2! +3! +. ... . +300! number 13.

Correct answer:

x =  0

Step-by-step explanation:

s1=1!=1 z1=mod(s1,13)=mod1,13=1  s2=s1+2!=1+2!=3 z2=mod(s2,13)=mod3,13=3  s3=s2+3!=3+3!=9 z3=mod(s3,13)=mod9,13=9  s4=s3+4!=9+4!=33 z4=mod(s4,13)=mod33,13=7  s5=s4+5!=33+5!=153 z5=mod(s5,13)=mod153,13=10  s6=s5+6!=153+6!=873 x=z6=mod(s6,13)=mod873,13=2=0

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