Insert four

Insert four harmonic means between 3/7 and 3/19

Correct answer:

a2 =  0.3191
a3 =  0.2542
a4 =  0.2113
a5 =  0.1807

Step-by-step explanation:

a1=3/7=730.4286 a6=3/19=1930.1579  b1=1/a1=1/0.4286=37=2312.3333 b6=1/a6=1/0.1579=319=6316.3333 d=(b6b1)/(61)=(6.33332.3333)/(61)=54=0.8  b2=b1+d=2.3333+0.8=1547=31523.1333  a2=1/b2=1/3.1333=4715=0.3191
b3=b2+d=3.1333+0.8=1559=315143.9333 a3=1/b3=1/3.9333=5915=0.2542
b4=b3+d=3.9333+0.8=1571=415114.7333 a4=1/b4=1/4.7333=7115=0.2113
b5=b4+d=4.7333+0.8=1583=51585.5333 a5=1/b5=1/5.5333=8315=0.1807

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a6 should be 3/19 not 4/19

Dr Math
thank you, we corrected a solution.

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