Metal ductwork

The new hospital would require​ 5,840 feet of sheet metal ductwork. The order was too large for a single​ fabricator, so they decided to split the order among four fabricators. Fabricator 1 received an order for​ 2,500 feet, Fabricator 2 obtained an order for​ 1,200 feet, and Fabricator 3 was awarded a contract for​ 1,150 feet. How many feet of ductwork would be required of Fabricator​ 4?

Correct answer:

f4 =  990 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

t=5840 ft f1=2500 ft f2=1200 ft f3=1150 ft  f4=tf1f2f3=5840250012001150=990 ft

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