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The government had saved a few cents. They added another 60 cents. He missed 90 cents in the school cafeteria. He has 284 cents left in the treasury. How many cents did Vlado save?

Correct answer:

x =  314

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Using this information, we can write a mathematical equation:

(previous amount) + 60 - 90 = 284

To find the previous amount, we need to isolate it by using inverse operations. We can do this by subtracting 60 from both sides and adding 90 to both sides:

(previous amount) + 60 - 90 - 60 + 90 = 284 - 60 + 90 (previous amount) = 314

This means that the previous amount of money was 314 cents. To find out how many cents Vlado saved, we need to subtract the amount he got from the government from the previous amount:

(previous amount) - (amount from government) = (amount saved) 314 - (amount from government) = (amount saved)

We don’t know the exact amount from the government, but we know it was a few cents. A few usually means 3 or 4, so we can try both possibilities and see which one makes sense:

If the amount from the government was 3 cents, then:

314 - 3 = 311

This means that Vlado saved 311 cents.

If the amount from the government was 4 cents, then:

314 - 4 = 310

This means that Vlado saved 310 cents.

Both answers are possible, but 311 cents is more likely because it is closer to the final amount of 284 cents. Therefore, the most reasonable answer is that Vlado saved 311 cents.

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