On Friday

On Friday, Amanda bought 5 ⅙ kg of dog food. She used 1 ¼ kg of it on her dog Gunner and 2 ½ kg of it on her dog Connor. How many kilograms of dog food did Amanda have left?

Correct answer:

x =  1 512 = 17/12 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

t=561=5+61=65 6+1=630+1=6315.1667 kg  g=141=1+41=41 4+1=44+1=45=1.25 kg c=221=2+21=22 2+1=24+1=25=2.5 kg  x=tgc=6314525=126212151230=12621530=1217=1217 kg=1125 kg=1.4167 kg

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