Kilos of meat

Marry bought 6 1/3 kg of meat. She used 2 1/4 kg for Anita 2 1/8 kg for Maros and the rest for Adam. How many kilograms of meat did she used for Adam?

Correct answer:

A =  1 2324 = 47/24 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

M=631=6+31=36 3+1=3196.3333 kg A=241=2+41=42 4+1=49=24471.9583 kg S=281=2+81=82 8+1=817=2.125 kg  A=MAS=6.33331.95832.125=2+41=42 4+1=49=2447 kg=12423 kg=1.9583 kg

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