The sum 12

The sum of 3 mixed numbers is 20 13/15. Two of the numbers are 6 1/3 and 7 5/6. What is the third number?

Correct answer:

c =  6 710 = 67/10

Step-by-step explanation:

s=201513=20+1513=1520 15+13=15300+13=15313=20151320.8667 a=631=6+31=36 3+1=318+1=319=6316.3333 b=765=7+65=67 6+5=642+5=647=7657.8333  s=a+b+c  c=sab=15313319647=306263019030235=30626190235=30201=1067=6107=6.7

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