Two numbers

One number is 79 more than the other. If we divide the larger number by the smaller one, we get the quotient five and the remainder 11. Determine both numbers.

Correct answer:

a1 =  96
b1 =  17
a2 =  113
b2 =  34
a3 =  147
b3 =  68

Step-by-step explanation:

a=79+b a/b = 5x + 11  a=79+b a = 5bx + 11b  a1=96 b1=17  x1=a1/b1=96/17=5 z1=a1x1 b1=965 17=11  a2=113 b2=34  x2=a2/b2=113/34=3 z2=a2x2 b2=1133 34=11  a3=147 b3=68  x3=a3/b3=147/68=2 z3=a3x3 b3=1472 68=11

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