Cloth / textile 2

Monica bought 4 and 3/10 yards of red cloth, 3 and 1/10 yards of pink cloth, and 9 and 2/10 yards of black cloth. How many meters of cloth did she buy in all?

Correct answer:

x =  16 35 = 83/5 yd

Step-by-step explanation:

r=4103=4+103=104 10+3=1040+3=1043=4.3 yd p=3101=3+101=103 10+1=1030+1=1031=3.1 yd b=9102=9+102=109 10+2=1090+2=1092=546=9.2 yd  x=r+p+b=1043+1031+546=1043+1031+1092=1043+31+92=10166=583 yd=1653 yd=16.6 yd

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