The ratio of dry matter and water is 1:9 for most mushrooms. Dry matter consists of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fat, and water in a ratio of 50:30:8:3:9. How many kilograms of fresh mushrooms need to be processed into a 10 kg package of dried mushrooms? What is the weight of the individual dry matter components in this package?

Correct answer:

a =  100 kg
s1 =  5 kg
s2 =  3 kg
s3 =  0.8 kg
s4 =  0.3 kg
s5 =  0.9 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

s=10 kg s : w = 1:9 w=9 s=9 10=90 kg  a=s+w=10+90=100 kg
d=50+30+8+3+9=100 s1=d50 s=10050 10=10050 10=100500=5 kg
s2=d30 s=10030 10=10030 10=100300=3 kg
s3=d8 s=1008 10=1008 10=10080=54 kg=0.8 kg
s4=d3 s=1003 10=1003 10=10030=103 kg=0.3 kg
s5=d9 s=1009 10=1009 10=10090=109 kg=0.9 kg

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