A rectangular 5

A rectangular picture frame is made of wooden strips ¾ inch wide. The outside edge of the frame is 8 ¼ inches long and 6 ¾ inches wide. Can a rectangular picture 7 inches long and 5 ½ inches wide fit inside the frame? CLEARLY EXPLAIN your answer.



Step-by-step explanation:

s=3/4=43=0.75 in l=841=8+41=48 4+1=432+1=433=841=8.25 in w=643=6+43=46 4+3=424+3=427=643=6.75 in  x=7 in y=521=5+21=25 2+1=210+1=211=521=5.5 in  X=l2 s=4332 43=427=643=6.75 in Y=w2 s=4272 43=421=541=5.25 in   a = (x < X  y<Y) x >X y>Y  a=0

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