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Mr. Nový exchanged his rectangular plot of 5.2 hectares with his neighbor for two. The first plot has the shape of a square with a side of 70 m, and the second has the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 110 m and 410 m. After the exchange, does the new owner have a larger or smaller land area than before? By how many ares?

Correct answer:

w =  1
d =  20 a

Step-by-step explanation:

S=5.2 ha m2=5.2 10000  m2=52000 m2 a=70 m  x=110 m y=410 m  S1=a a=70 70=4900 m2 S2=x y=110 410=45100 m2  S3=S1+S2=4900+45100=50000 m2  S>S3 w=1
d1=SS3=5200050000=2000 m2  d=d1/100=2000/100=20 a

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