Voltage - Kirchoff laws

At a voltage of 2.5V, a current I1= 20mA flows through the resistor. What will be the voltage at the ends of the resistor when the current I2= 1,2A passes through it?

Correct answer:

U2 =  150 V

Step-by-step explanation:

U1=2.5 V I1=20 mA A=20:1000  A=0.02 A I2=1.2 A  I=U/R  R=U1/I1=2.5/0.02=125 Ω  U2=R I2=125 1.2=150=150 V   Verifying Solution:  U3=U1 I1I2=2.5 0.021.2=150 V U3=U2

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