Difference in temperatures

The temperature in the number line shows minus 15 degrees celsius and 8-degree celsius. What is the difference between the temperatures?

Correct answer:

d =  23 °C

Step-by-step explanation:

t1=15=15 °C t2=8 °C  d=t2t1=8(15)=23°C

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Dr Math
Our user wrote: but I am still confusing. Is it wright  -15-8= -23 ??? ( because of the difference between the temperatures )

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Dr Math
Basically, a difference of temperatures is defined by subtracting the next value of temperature and previous temperature.
You may also calculate the range/span of temperatures which is defined as an absolute value of subtracting two temperatures, which gives positive number or zero.

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Math student
What is the lowest temperature - 12° f or 0° f or -4 ° f or 6° f

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